SwellMinded leads Impact Partnerships and Lifestyle Communication projects between purpose driven nonprofits, for-profits, shared-profits, and government organizations. 




Born and raised on Hawaii Island, Sam Bennett’s foundational values and beliefs have been shaped while chasing waves, fully immersed in our natural world. After receiving his Business Management and Marketing Degree from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Sam developed Localized, Grassroots Marketing strategies for Red Bull, and then went on to lead Global Lifestyle Marketing and Entertainment Projects for GoPro Inc.

In 2014, Sam’s purpose grew as he experienced the start of Hawaii’s worst coral bleaching event, witnessing 50% of his local reef suffer. This sparked a transition in his career to increase the impact of Social and Environmentally Responsible Collaborations that generate more happiness within our Communities, Organizations, and Environment.

Founded in 2016 by Sam Bennett, SwellMinded puts purpose-driven initiatives at the center of our Impact Partnership and Lifestyle Communication efforts. With 15 years of experience in developing Lifestyle Brands, Sam works as a Partnership and Communications Strategist, Project Manager and Content Producer focused on helping organizations better communicate the good that they are doing for their communities and our environment.

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